Holiday Season is on the Way!

Since the season to be giving is almost a pon us, I’m going to throw some helpful tips your way! (& well, I love doing this!) 

So you come upon the question of: “What the hell am I suppose to get them?”

I have some adorable gift basket ideas for you for that person that is hard to buy for!

The Coffee Lover!

Have that person that always is talking about or drinking coffee? I have the perfect idea!coffee

You can always start off with a cute hand wick basket or a brownish tub, when it comes to gift ideas the most ideal thing is the color scheme, so stick with colors that compliment each other. As a filler on the bottom you can do red paper, red or green blanket, or even something creme color! Your main thing in the basket needs to be centered, or you can add a color that you don’t have much of like red to the top, to pull attention too immediately. You can throw in things that go good with coffee, such as toffee, mints, creamers, or even danishes. Keep it simple! Then add your own little twist!

The Girl that Loves Fragrance!

Sugar scrubs are the way to go! & and well bath bombs too.

These gifts are just the cutest! They smell good and are great for exfoliation for super soft skin. I am in love with mini mason jars and they just work the best! Heres the recipe for the scrubs:

1 cup white sugar

1/2 cup coconut oil

6 drops peppermint essential oil or peppermint extract (or whatever you want it too smell like)

1 teaspoon vanilla extract


Basically mix all together. But, you can start off with the sugar and coconut oil until well blended, then add your smelly good stuff (essential oils), finally vanilla extract.

Place in jar! You can really make the jars look super cute with vintage tags and ribbons but that’s up too you! Make a basket and throw some bath stuff in there like body gel, lufa, and bath bombs. It’s Perfect!

Mix & Match:


Come up with your own twist and stick too it! I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post, and I look forward to hearing back from you all to see what you guys came up with!

Happy Blogging!

-Mainly Zoe


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