Interesting Fact!

daily Have you ever heard of someone putting an ice-cube on the back of their neck? Thought it was weird? You need to try this! No harm in it. When you apply the ice-cube to the back of your neck in between the tendons, at first you will obviously feel the chill and coldness. After about 30 seconds you feel the numbness and chilliness go away. I, myself, actually enjoyed the coolness and found it relaxing. With a little aromatherapy lotion on your hands and arms, when you lay on your tummy and cross your hands in front of you to balance the ice-cube directly on the back of your hair-line, you will fall into deep tranquility. I suggest that you do this alone and quietly, to let your thoughts wonder and mind relax.

The Benefits?

  1. Deeper sleep
  2. Your mood is happier
  3. It can help with your immune system (helps you stay healthy)

Your probably thinking all of that just from an ice-cube? It’s that easy! Like I said there is no harm in trying it.

Duration: 20 minutes or until the ice-cube melts into water.

Why not try something different and new? I’ve done it and seen the benefits, it honestly helped me sleep better and I was more relaxed after my little meditation session. Happy Reading!

-Mainly Zoë


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