Life is Hard.

A little motivation needed? It’ll be okay. At the moment everything always seems so big and dramatic, but the truth is, it’s the anxiety of the unknown. You can’t predict what people will do or say. So you infer… and that sometimes can be the death of your own peace and tranquilly. Untrained human emotion can kill your happiness. Another reason why I’m in love with the book ‘The Art of Living’ it basically tells you how to react to everyone else emotion toward you. It explains how to handle things so you stay sane. In reality if you just fly off the handle to everything what good does that do? You might say it makes you feel better. But you still dwell, don’t you? That’s you mind and your subconscious telling you that you didn’t handle it the right way. Think before you speak. After everything is said and done, when you look back a week, a month, or even a year later you can see it was just another bump in the road. Don’t let people break your peace of mind, that in the end is all you really have.

-Mainly Zoë


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