Roasted Game Hen & Bowtie Pasta

**Game Hen Cooking Instructions:

Preheat oven 350°

Place breast side up on roasting pan

Roast uncovered 1 hour & 15 minutes to 1 hour & 30 minutes basting with butter until golden brown.

**What We Did:


Marinade in pineapple stuffed with onion

glazed over with butter salt & pepper


The Side Dishes:


2 c Bowtie pasta boiled 6-8 minutes until Al denté

2 tbsp Finely minced onion

1/4 c Fresh Basil

1 crushed clove of garlic

1/2 c graded Parmesan-Romano cheese

2 tbsp EVOO (Olive Oil)

4 tbsp Butter

In a bowl add 1 half of parmesan cheese and rest of ingrediants, then add Al dente pasta on top spoon stir until well bleaned, after add rest of parmesan cheese and a touch of basil to granish.

Sweet Corn-

1 ear of sweet corn cut in half

Blanch corn for 3 minutes

Glaze with butter, salt, & pepper.


French Brioche Buns toasted in the oven with butter and garlic powder

Final Garnish of Meal:

Tomato & Dill pickle

The Desert:


Greek Yogurt with blue berries, raspberries, & black berries.

  • – Dinner tonight with Dave




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