Today’s Special: Reading Outside

One of my favorite books of all time – I already said it, but ill say it again – is ‘The Art of Living.’ Honestly this book fits every human emotion and it teaches how you should see things not how you normally react to them. One of my favorite titles in the book is Epictetus’s view on events (pg. 10 if you have a book.)

Events Don’t Hurt Us, But Our Views On Them Can 

“…it is our attitude and reactions that give trouble.” This is just one line from this amazing book and if you can’t tell its written from a philosophers point of view. I feel like everyone should live their life in their own way, but this book tells you how to live a passive more calm life. If your more buddhist like I am you’ll really enjoy this book and you’ll find to read it any where like I did outside.

-Mainly Zoë


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