Coconut Oil!

The benefits of coconut oil is a long wonderful list people! It is good from preventing heart disease to soothing your wild untamable hair. I personally take two capsules everyday for my hair, skin, and nails. But there is some other methods that really caught my eye that I want to try and share with you all!

By taking the actual coconut oil, that you can buy at any basic grocery store, and whipping it in a blender or mixer until it’s ‘frothy’ is a really neat way to create a ‘hair mask’ or taking a dollop and putting it into your morning coffee instead of sugar. (Sounds weird, but it’s actually really good. & healthier for you!)

A list of great benefits?

  1. It’s an energy boost.
  2. Improves digestion & reduces you chances of stomach ulcers
  3. Immune system ‘update’ (you stay healthier)
  4. Helps with weight-loss
  5. Helps prevent some diabetes
  6. Helps heal yeast infections faster
  7. Great for your hair, skin, & nails
  8. Found to be useful for anti-ageing
  9. Helps reduce your chances of getting a number of diseases
  10. & so much more.

Coconut oil is the essence these days and the mighty crave. I hope you guys found some of this interesting and or useful. If you have any questions or concerns leave a comment! Happy Blogging!

-Mainly Zoë




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