Time to Relax!

My favorite time of the day is when I take time to calm down and relax. I have various methods and one of my favorites is aromatherapy. One of my favorite stores to go to get incense is Earthbound. I absolutely love that store. If your into aromatherapy or curious to try it, you can buy an oil burner, wax melter, or actual sticks of incense. If you’re the type of person that certain smells give you headaches not to worry there is still a list of thing you can try! Such as, warm bubbles baths, meditation, deep breathing, or just taking time for your self.


Bubble Baths

You can just about go to any beauty store anymore and buy bath bombs, which has the fizzy, the foam, and the smell all in one. They are a great way to just calm down and go over you day. Sit there for at least 30 minutes and give your body time to unwind. You can feel the tension spots and you can feel them release after a while.



If you’re not one to sit there and ‘ohms’ then I strongly suggest a yoga class or you can even do yoga at home. All you are doing is stretching your muscles in your body and breathing deeply. I sometimes just like to break off and be by myself and just sit and think. That is a form of meditation.


Deep Breathing

If you have never heard of this then your probably sitting there thinking, what is she even talking about deep breathing? But seriously it does work and the best way to describe the feeling you get when you are doing it right is, letting go of whatever you’re worried about. Okay to deep breath, you literally have to breath in as much air as you can through your mouth, hold it for 2-5 seconds, then out through your nose. Doing this however many times in 5 minutes you can physically feel the difference.


Take time for YOU!

Go off alone for a little while and just give your self some time alone. Everyone needs alone time, I don’t care what people say. It’s good for you.

If you’re stressed out or just need a way to relax I hope these thing help or gave you’re a way to go. Best Wishes, & Happy Reading!

-Mainly Zoë



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