How To Be Stress-Free In College.

Wondering how you can achieve this? Well I received some of my most attitude changing ideas and theories from the amazing book “The Art of Living”. I would recommend this book in a heart beat to anyone with the love for reading. But anyhow here is some tips that I found very helpful to reduce or even relieve stress while you are attending college classes.

1)  Stay Clean & Organized.

A lot of articles and people previously that was in college say this is one of the biggest factors and here’s why. If you don’t stay somewhat organized you become forgetful and lazy. Say you went to class and copied the notes but lost them in a heaping pile of junk on your floor or in your car. Those notes could have helped you on your finals or quizzes. I mean professors don’t just give you extra information for no reason those are notes for a reason!! Stay organized, buy a cheap binder or folder for every class and just stick what you need or give from each one in there at least that’s a start!

2)  Workout!

It’s proven if you just take 30 minutes out of your busy day to do something that gets your heart rate up it helps you relax and clear your mind. You don’t necessarily have to go to a gym and workout hardcore, but maybe some yoga poses here or there or walking around the park a couple of times helps! Believe me! Sometimes to it alone, to really think while you’re doing it helps find the answer to the problem at hand. It was probably there the whole time you were just to busy to see it or maybe it came to you.

3) Find Your Therapy.

Sometimes to just calm down and chill I like to put on some quite music and enjoy aromatherapy. For me this is super relaxing to just slowly go over you day in your mind. But for you it might be drawing or making music. What ever makes you feel at peace do it.

4) If You Don’t Understand Ask.

If your really freaking out over a paper due next week but you don’t understand what the question is asking? Just simply go up to your professor after class and ask them to reword what needs to be done. Or if you’re not the type to talk to your teachers then hit up one of your class mates to see what they thought about it. But the best way to really figure out what to do is to ‘hear it from the horse’s mouth.’

5) On Your Days Off.

In reality you need your sleep, so when you’re not in class or at work just take some time and get a good nap in. It’ll help more than you think. Or make a list of everything that needs to be done school, work, home, ANYTHING!- and write it down. By doing this you can clearly see what needs to be done and what can wait. When you finally finish doing everything on your list, what is left to stress about? Everything is caught up!

I hope you enjoyed these tips as much as I use them! Happy Blogging!


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