5 Tips Going Into College

1) Never Study In A Place You Feel Comfortable.

Study where you know for sure that you will study, if you do it somewhere like your room or a trendy coffee shop you are more able to get distracted or play on your phone. Go to a place where it is quite, you’re alone, and you have great lighting – either to keep you awake or to help you focus.

2) Choose Your Classes Wisely.

Before you even enroll for the upcoming semester, talk to other people who you know or people that have already taken the class that you need or want to take. By just sitting down with someone and going over the course, talking about how the professor was, and seeing if it is worth your time this does two things. One, if you didn’t know this person you just made a friend that you can go to and talk to about something you didn’t understand in class and they are more likely able to help you if they previously took the class. Two, this gives you insight on whether this is the PROFESSOR for you. It’s not really about the subject, its how the professor chooses to teach it. If the way they teach it is not for you, instead of wasting your time and taking thing the class then the end result is not learning anything you have the choice before hand on weather you want to take the course or not.

3) Responsibility.

When you enter into college it’s time that you grow up. In the college world the professors aren’t there to baby sit you or to keep checking on whether you have your homework in on time. They don’t care, they get paid either way. It’s your part to make your self do it or it wont get done.

4) Always Answer the Question.

No matter what you do, when you are given an assignment with a direct question make sure that your answer in your paper has a clear thesis and clear understanding that can be understood. DO NOT just ramble on about the topic or beat it around the bush that is a sure way to get a ‘F’ the paper. The first thing that you’ll say is, “I didn’t understand”. You can visit on office hours or most of the time are given a rubric on EXACTLY what the professor wants from you. Make your paper stand out and do your research to back up your theories.

5) Never Stop.

Don’t let anything get in the way of you and your dream. Don’t stop because it got tough. You want to be able to say with out one doubt that degree is all you and you achieved it all alone. That’s something that one can take away from you.

Now take action!!


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